Unexplored Lands Vienna Exhibition

Unexplored Lands are an intimate excursion into the authors’ peculiar world.

They expose space-time, motives and themes that have yet to be discovered, examined or lived through. They draw aside the curtain of things known in order to uncover tiny fragments of places hidden behind the scenes of the visible world.

Spaces we don’t know. Places we don’t see. Nooks whose existence we only subconsciously sense and which attract us by their mysteriousness.

“Unexploredness” is also re ected in the creation process. The authors use brand new artistic techniques and styles to them. Approaches to creation by which they have not yet been confront- ed. The artists’ fusion itself becomes a sort of “unexplored land” as Petra Ziackova and Tina Minorova work and exhibit together for the very rst time:

“It is our rst joint exhibition. We, for ourselves, are still an unexplored land. We will see what we discover in the process of our common creation...”

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